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2020 Summer Skates


Summer Skates


Like the NHL, we have determined it is time for the Hinsdale Central Hockey Club to get back on the ice.  We have secured two 1 hour slots a week at Willowbrook from 930-1030am on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.  This will start next week and will last all the way through June and July.  It is possible we will be looking to secure more ice above and beyond this.  And pending the plans for the start of the season we will be getting a big chunk of ice in August for conditioning, tryouts and early season skates.  In terms of the approach to the Summer Skates it will be as follows:


  • Maximum of 20 skaters per session, split 10 and 10 on each side of the ice with one coach in each group
  • $40 per skate, to be paid at the end of July based on number of skates you sign up for
  • Sign up done via the signup genius below.  If more than 20 skaters sign up for each session then Jim will determine who skates and who does not, with an effort to balancing ice time across the summer
  • If you sign up and do not show you will still be charged, as you may have taken the spot of someone on the ‘wait list’
  • Procedures at Willowbrook are ever-evolving, but as of now it appears the boys will be able to enter through the back of the locker room, dress in the locker room and leave the same way

Sunday Night Games by Hockey BioMechanics


These Sunday night games are open to  current HCHC players and Alumni.  Each night will be $25 per player.  We will have a warm-up for the goalies, split the teams and play 5 on 5 hockey for the rest of the hour session.  There will be no checking or physical play.
Please see the email for additional details or contact Coach Swoyer. (Contact details below.)
Game Rules:
  1. We will play 5 on 5.  If the numbers are low in a session and it is decided that 4 on 4 or 3 on 3 would be better, then the coach will have the final say on that and everyone will play.
  2. NO HITTING.  Keep this fun and safe for everyone. Just want to have everyone enjoy these games and just play.
  3. We will schedule two goalies for each game.  If we are short a goalie, we will use the Hockey Biomechanics rebound boards.  Not ideal, but we will make it work and it will still be fun.
  4. Stay on-sides and keep the game moving. After a goal, the team that scored will clear the zone and let the other team start and just play.  We will not drop the puck or stop the play.
  5. Have FUN!
Please register to reserve your spot in the games.
Jim Swoyer
Hockey Biomechanics, Inc.
Mobile: 630-805-0853